Wabba Denounces New Group, GNC


Ayuba Wabba, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, has said he was not involved in the forming of Grand National Coalition, GNC.

He tackled the Deputy Director General of GNC, Naseer Kura, who mentioned Wabba’s involvement in the communiqué the movement issued after a recent meeting. He also said the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Labour Party were not involved in the birth of the movement.

“I have not been attending the meetings of NIM”, he said.

“There is a clear procedure for affiliating, endorsing or consorting with any social or political group outside the Nigeria Labour Congress.

“To the best of my knowledge, the issue of affiliating, endorsing or consorting with NIM was not debated in any of our organ meetings or the Labour Party”, he said

The formative meeting of the GNC was attended by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka and human rights lawyer, Olisa Agbakoba. The group is agitating for the restructuring of the country and participatory democracy involving the citizenry.

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