Defunct Psquare Accused Of Being Behind Their Mother’s Death


A fan has accused Peter and Paul Okoye of the defunct PSquare of being behind their mothers’ death. The singers’ mother, Josephine Okoya, passed on in 2012. Apparently frustrated by the brothers’ refusal to reunite after falling apart last year, the fan, using the name @freshjaiz on Instagram, wrote: “You both killed your mother to get separated …Psquare greater together”.

@freshjaiz, who identified himself only as Ekine on his Instagram bio, commented on Peter Okoye’s video post, showing him being sought after for selfies by merrymakers at Nikki Beach Resort and Spa in Dubia, the UAE.

The comment instantly attracted a backlash from other fans who decorated Ekine in expletives, but Ekine remained adamant.

Peter Okoye, who changed his name to Mr. P after parting ways with his brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye , is currently in the UAE where he also performed at a concert .

Days ago, he posted video of himself hanging out with Sean Combs, currently known as Diddy - an American rapper, music producer and businessman.

The Psquare brothers separated last year for the second time after a dispute believed to have been caused by Paul and Jude’s opposition to Peter’s wife, Lola Okoye.

Paul at the time was quoted as saying, “Only a woman can come where there’s peace and destroy it.” A statement from their lawyer, Festus Keyamo, a senior advocate, explained none of the wives of the blood brothers had a hand in their dispute. Peter followed up by exonerating his wife, but rather accused his elder brother Jude of being the harbinger of the quarrel. Before their final split up, Peter had demanded Jude withdraw as the artistes’ manager.

While the conflict raged on at the time, a video of a confrontation between Peter and Paul believed to have taken place at the chambers of the artistes’ former lawyer, Fetus Keyamo, a senior advocate, surfaced on the internet. Paul indirectly accused his brother of releasing the video to paint himself as the underdog and draw sympathy from the watching public.

Fola Ademosu

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