Destitute Turn Beautified Under Bridge Spaces Into Homes


The Lagos state government’s effort to beautiful under bridges in the metropolis might be facing its challenges.

The Ikeja under bridge, captured by the government in the ongoing beautification projects in the state, has been taken over by destitute.

Investigation revealed the homeless men moved to the place shortly after it was refurbished in 2017.

Abiodun Sadatu, who sells petty items close to the bridge, told that the destitute had turned the space under the bridge into their homes and even had their personal effects there.

“The destitute virtually lives and keep their belongings there,” she said.



Also, Samuel Dagunro, a lotto operator, blamed government’s lax in ensuring proper maintenance of the beautified spaces including ensuring that waifs do not turn them into their inhabitation.

“This thing started sometimes in 2017. We should have laws prohibiting such and if we do, it means government is not enforcing it,” he stated.

A cold drink seller, who calls herself Mama Sarah, echoed the earlier speakers.


“The place was renovated last year and before you know it, some people turned it to a sleeping centre. It is totally not nice. Government changed the look of that place to make it look beautiful.”

However, the homeless men declined comments when asked questions on their mission at the place.



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