Helicopter Blade Slices Man Into Halves


A man has been sliced into halves by a helicopter blade during a failed rescue. The slain man, Ivan Andrés López Londoño from Columbia, and another person had been travelling in a different helicopter, which crashed in the country’s Cauca District.

Londono and his partner were stranded in the hillside for seven days, both men eventually got help and hence the rescue mission.

It was said that the victim was waving to the rescue helicopter from the ground, just as it was descending. Suddenly, the aircraft tips to the side and rolls over, with López Londoño hit by the rotating blades just out of shot.

More so, the pilot of the rescue chopper suffered a wrist injury when the helicopter overturned.

WRadio reported Colombian Army General Jorge Herrera as saying there was no way of knowing of the ‘devastating consequences’ of the mission.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the accident, which took place last Sunday.

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