Housewife bathes Husband In Boiled Peppery Water


A housewife bathed her husband in boiled peppery water before fleeing their home in the Mandela area of Minna, Niger state. The woman, Janet Mohammed, had had a quarrel with her husband, who opposed her taking their son to church because he was running a temperature. Intervention by family members saw to a resolution of the fight.

However, no one had an inkling Janet was nursing a sinister plot against her husband until the boiled water attack.

Speaking on his sick bed, Mohammed said: “After my mother settled us she told me that I will regret laying my hands on her, but I ignored the threat. As I was watching television and taking my breakfast, she splashed the mixture on me,’’ he said.

The incident was reported to the Tudunwada police division located in the area. Muhammad Abubakar, an assistant superintendent speaking for the Niger Police Command, said investigation was being done into the matter. “Whenever we arrest her we will charge her accordingly,’’ he said. (NAN)


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