Man Kills Girlfriend Over Unwanted Pregnancy


Stephen Gyang, a commercial motorcyclist in Tahoss village in the Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau state, has confessed to the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. The 20-year-old high school drop out, told PUNCH Metro that he had murdered her and buried her in a shallow grave. He narrated that he had been angered by the fact that she was trying to wrongfully accuse him of impregnating her. He said she had told him earlier that the pregnancy belonged to someone else but had suddenly made a u-turn and accused him of being responsible for it.

He blamed her sudden u-turn on her mother, who he claimed wanted him to take responsibility for the pregnancy. He said her spirit had haunted him after the incident and he was forced to report the matter to his elder brother.

Kelly James, his friend and colleague, said he had been at the suspect's house when the murder took place. He said he had passed the night at his residence during which the deceased visited. He claimed to have warned Gyang against killing her. He told PUNCH Metro that Gynag had strangled her to death at his house and threatened him into assisting in covering up the crime.

Undie Adie, the state Commissioner of Police, said the case is being addressed as ''culpable homicide'' saying the suspect would be charged to court soon.


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