Old People Will Never Quit Government For Youths – Gov. Dankwambo


Ibrahim Dankwambo, governor of Gombe state, has said the elderly political leaders in the country would not abandon their involvement in government and politics for the youths. The governor urged the youths to “struggle for space”.

“The old people will never leave the stage until you come on the stage and struggle for space. Big Brother Nigeria is not the stage. Go and get your #PVC”, the governor said.

The governor further said the youths would rather want to be in political leadership but not ready to learn the rope.

“Politics is like every other thing in life. You don’t expect to start a business today and become a billionaire next year. It takes time, consistency and training. Many young people want to just run for office instantly and win. It’s politics not magic”.

Moreover, Governor Dankwambo said the same youths usually end up voting the same leaders they criticise.

He stated: “In every elections (sic), there are always many options but the same people who criticize those who have been in power forever still end up voting them”, said the governor who is a leader of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party.

Who stops young people from voting for fellow young candidates in elections in Nigeria?”

Newsbreak.ng recalls the youths’, last year, became boldly expressive in the agitation for a paradigm shift from old to young politicians in governance. The situation led to the open campaign under the banner of “Not Too Young To Run”. The Nigerian Senate last November bought into the campaign by legislating age reduction for those seeking political office. The age for presidential aspirants was reduced from 40 years to 35 years, while that of governorship was brought down to 30 years from initial 35 years.

Fola Ademosu

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