Seven Myths And Facts About The Vagina You Should Know


Vagina myths have been around for generations, in ancient times, there were gruesome tales about vaginas with teeth. Women have recently been told to ignore the bizarre trend of using a cucumber to clean their vaginas with experts warning it raises the risk of infections.

And for years many women have believed slapping yoghurt on their vagina could help cure a yeast infection.

It's easy to dismiss these examples as ridiculous, but plenty of vagina myths aren't just abstractions: When real people believe them, they can have real, often damaging, consequences.

Here are some of vagina myths you should never believe

Myth: Clean the vagina with special products

Fact: The truth is that the vagina is designed to clean itself, and adding in harsh products may do more harm than good.

Myth: Every time you get itchy or discharge, it means you have yeast infection

Fact: Discharge is expected from most women, vaginal itching could indicate hormonal changes, bacterial vaginosis, public lice, an STD called trichomoniasis, or irritation from a product you're using.

Myth: Your vagina will get loose if you have a lot of sex.

Fact: The flexibility of the vagina is impressive and it can stretch to accommodate a penis as well as rather large babies. Even though the vagina may seem a little tighter in certain instances or looser in certain instances, it is an incredible organ in the sense that is highly elastic and accommodating.

Myth: Your vagina naturally smells bad.

Fact: There are distinct causes of abnormal vaginal odors, the most common cause being bacterial vaginosis, which is when there is an overgrowth of normally occurring vagina bacteria. It is normal for the vagina to have some slight odor, and that odor can vary depending upon your menstrual cycle, or if you just had sex or have been sweating a lot.

Myth: Your vagina looks the same for your whole life.

Fact: Like the rest of your body, your vagina and vulva change quite a bit over the years. Once puberty starts lubrication and secretions star, and the vagina grows just like the rest of you.

Myth: Every woman has a hymen

Fact: The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. However some people are born with no hymen,

Myth: Every woman should reach orgasm through sex

Fact: Many, if not most women never reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and might not for the rest of their lives. However some women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax.

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