APC Soulless Mob, Evil – PDP


The All Progressives Congress is a “soulless mob”, says the opposition Peoples Democratic Party. In a statement on Sunday, the PDP pilloried the APC over the ‘violence and massive corruption’ witnessed during its congresses.

The PDP further accused the “APC and its leaders” of feathering “bloody conflicts” in the country which ultimately mighty throw the country into anarchy.

“From the rascally attempt to overrun a court of competent jurisdiction in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to halt the wheel of justice, the burning of their own secretariat in Owerri, Imo state, the gruesome murder of their own members in Lagos and Oyo States to the malignant disputation and lust for power by its leaders across the nation, it is clear that the APC is not organic but a soulless mob without any form of conscience and integrity; an ‘evil wind that blows no good’”, the PDP said. The PDP, which was dislodged after its 16-year-old hold on power, also alleged the APC was a “harbinger of malevolence” and had “cannibalistic proclivities.”

Moreover, the PDP says it is charging Nigerians “to stop the APC in this dangerous drive to further wreck our nation and plunge it into a state of anarchy.”

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