Babangida Ousted Me For Fighting Corruption – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he was ousted by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) in 1985 for fighting corruption. He said this at the inauguration of the new corporate headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Abuja on Tuesday. He told all present that he was detained for three years and lost his mother in the process.

“This government promised to fight corruption but corruption will continue to fight back.  (During) my first attempt to fight corruption, corruption fought back successfully.  I was removed as the head of state, detained for three years and people who we recovered stolen money from were given back their money and I remained in detention up until my mother had to die to save me from detention,” he said.
Buhari said he had made the fight against corruption his major agenda. He said his administration had made it clear that no corrupt person will go unpunished. He however urged the judiciary to cooperate with his government to make the fight against graft a success.
“Throughout my journey in national service and since 2015, I have made a very conscious decision to pursue a vigorous fight against corruption in public life.

“Since 2015, we have made significant progress in the fight against corruption. Everyone now knows that corrupt officials will be held to account, no matter how long it takes.

“We have recovered and are still recovering trillions of naira that were stolen in the past few years by people without conscience.

“We are pursuing recoveries everywhere and are making sure that anyone who has been found culpable is made to answer for his or her crime under the law.

“It is my hope and expectation that the judiciary, which is a critical stakeholder and partner in the war against corruption, would continue to collaborate with the executive to bring corrupt people to book.”

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