Cancelled North Korean Summit ‘Tremendous Setback’ – Trump


Donald Trump, US President, has described the cancellation of the proposed North Korean summit as a “tremendous set” back for the world.

The US President spoke for the first time after the summit's cancellation on Thursday while addressing supporters during a bill signing ceremony at the White House.

Trump had, in a letter to Kim Jong-un earlier on Thursday, informed the North Korean leader that he had cancelled the summit due to what he described as “open hostility and insult to Vice President Michael Pence.”

“I believe that this is a tremendous setback for North Korea, and indeed the whole world”, Trump said at the event.

He also disclosed that he has spoken to the leaders of South Korea and Japan, North Korean neighbours, who are willing to bear the cost of any military operation should North Korea commit any “foolish and reckless act.”

The US President added that North Korea missed an opportunity to end decades of misery and live with their Southern neighbours in peace.

He reiterated his position that peace can only occur in the Korean Peninsula when the threat of nuclear weapons is dismissed.


Gabriel Ntoka

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