Court Sentences 40 ISIS Brides To Death In Iraq


An Iraq court has sentenced 40 foreigners who were married to some ISIS fighters to death.

The Sun UK reports that the women, who were given ten minutes to plead, claimed they themselves were victims of the terrorists.

However, their plea found little sympathy with the panel of Iraqi judiciary and locals, who despised them for being supportive of their militant husbands.

Djamila Boutoutao, one of the women, a French citizen, told the court that she thought she married a rapper but discovered that her husband was a terrorist.

“I thought I married a rapper. It was only when we arrive in Turkey for a week-long holiday that I discovered my husband was a jihadist”, claimed Boutoutao.

She added: “I’m going mad here. I’m facing a death sentence or life in prison. No one tells me anything, not the ambassador, not people in prison.”

According to the report, she is among an estimated 1,900 French citizens and 40, 000 foreign fighters who travelled to join ISIS’ caliphate in Irag and Syria.

The report also said around 300 people with links to ISIS has been executed, while 1, 000 others either identified as members of the group or their relatives have been jailed.

Most of the women are said to be widows, with their husbands killed either by Asad’s regime forces or coalition airstrikes.





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