Facebook’s Zuckerberg Criticised For Dodging Questions At EU Parliament


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, has been criticised by European politicians for failing to appropriately answer questions during a hearing at the European Parliament.

Zuckerberg's hearing in Brussels happened following an invitation by members of the European parliament to him to answer questions about Facebook's role in promoting fake news as well as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Zuckerberg apologised for Facebook's tools being used "for harm".

But his testimony did not please all MEPs at the meeting, some of whom felt he had dodged their questions.
Zuckerberg did not address questions about whether Facebook was a monopoly and how it plans to use data from its WhatsApp division.

Nor did he directly answer questions about shadow profiles or whether non-Facebook users' data should be collected.

Speaking on political neutrality, Zuckerberg said Facebook had "never made a decision about what content was allowed on the basis of political orientation".

Damian Collins, chair of the UK Parliament's Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee, said Zuckerberg might have evaded his way because of the session's format.

He said the European Parliament hearing was a "missed opportunity".
"Unfortunately the format of questioning allowed Mr Zuckerberg to cherry-pick his responses and not respond to each individual point," he said.

In a follow-up press conference, Antonio Tajani, President of the EU Parliament said the MEPs had been aware Mr Zuckerberg's time was limited yet had decided to use up much of the allotted period speaking themselves.

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