Father Jailed After Attempting To Kill His Four Kids With Hammer


A father has been jailed following his conviction over attempted murder of his four children with a hammer. Owen Scott, a Briton, reportedly attacked the kids with the hammer, shattering the skull of his seven-year-old daughter before driving them into a wall.

[caption id="attachment_378044" align="alignleft" width="300"] Scott[/caption]

Scott, of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, had earlier been handed a life sentence for his deeds but the minimum jail term he bagged was 14 years. Dissatisfied, Robert Buckland QC, the Solicitor General said 14 years was 'unduly lenient' and urged the judge to increase the jail term.
Three judges at the Criminal Court of Appeal agreed with Buckland and increased the minimum jail term to 24 years.
Reacting to the sentence, Buckland said: “I am pleased that the Court of Appeal has agreed to increase Scott's sentence to properly reflect the seriousness of his crime.”

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