How I Escaped From Ritualists- Woman


A 22-year-old woman, Omoniyi Abidemi has told of how she escaped a kidnap attempt by suspected ritualists in the Egbatedo area of Lagos State.

Omoniyi, who said she was one of the commuters waiting to board a tricycle from Oko Oba to Pen-cinema in Agege, stated that she had screamed for hours before she was rescued by a man suspicious of her kidnappers.

Narrating her ordeal, Abidemi said: "A man who parked his vehicle asked for my destination saying the fare was N100. I noticed that another lady sat beside him but I entered still.

“Few minutes later, two men entered the vehicle and were communicating in Igbo language which I didn't understand.  One of the men and the lady started discussing about something I found irrelevant, that was when I got suspicious and attempted to alight from the bus. But they insisted that I must follow them to Ibadan where the ritual was to happen. Suddenly, the woman came from the front seat and held me down. I tried to scream but she closed my mouth with her hands so no one would hear me. One of the men also held my breast saying he would cut them off at Ibadan.

"Then I noticed the driver brought out an Mtn sim card and fixed it in a small phone after which he made a call. He told the receiver that he was on his way that was when I resumed screaming. He told me that no one could hear me and I was living my last day but I kept screaming for more than two hours.

"From Orile we went to Oyatoki and drove into another street, where a man asked us to park the vehicle because he noticed I had been shouting from Egbatedo. But the lady in the bus told the man that I was her younger sister and that she was taking me to the village. When I said she was lying she ordered me to shut up. That was when the man became suspicious and asked her to open my bag since the lady said my clothes were in it. But the only thing found in the bag was my make up kit. The men were subsequently arrested and taken to Elere police station.” Ominiyi said.


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