It’s Wrong To Label Killings In Nigeria As Religious – Onaiyekan

John Onaiyekan, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Abuja, has said the killings going on the country are not entirely religious as they are being labelled. The clergyman while speaking on the church attack, which left two priests and 17 worshippers dead in Benue, said the incident was not "special" to the state.
"The Benue issue is not special. There are killings going on in other states and interestingly, maybe it is important to mention it. It is also going on in very clearly Moslem states. We hear that Zamfara is constantly under attack and the victims of those attacks are largely Moslems. We are faced with a group of armed criminals who are killing people", Cardinal Onaiyekan said in an interview with Sunonline. 
He added: "It is interesting that (U.S. President Donald) Trump said the killing of Christians must stop. It is interesting! I wouldn’t have said it that way myself for the simple reason that first, it is not only Christians that are dying. It will appear as if we don’t care about other people dying provided Christians are not killed."

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