Lawmaker Assaults Man For Leading Protest


A lawmaker has allegedly assaulted  a man for leading a protest against the bad road in his constituency in the Igembe South area of Kenya. The Lawmaker, John Paul Mwirigi, was said to have attacked John Gikunda for leading other constituents in protest.

Gikunda told Citizen Digital that the incident happened on Sunday. He said Mwirigi had been in his Range Rover when he saw them protesting. Upon asking, he was told they were protesting the bad road in the area. Gikunda claimed that the lawmaker immediately grabbed his neck and squeezed it hard, only letting him go when a crowd intervened.

Mwirigi, 24, the youngest lawmaker in the country, has denied the allegation saying Gikunda was only trying to soil his name.

“I never tried or attempted to throttle Wanugu and the allegations he’s making against me are meant to taint my name in bad light, I cannot engage myself in such kind of politics he wants to drag me into,” he said.

“Let the law take its cause for the truth to be known.”

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