Man Seeks Separation Over Wife’s Behavior


Ibrahim Yusuf, a beautician and father of two has dragged his wife, Bridget Yusuf, to an Agege Customary Court, seeking for separation.

He told the court that his wife, a trader does not have respect for him and does not take care of their children properly.

He said: "My wife does not have time for the children she leaves the house in the morning and stay out till about 10pm.

"Our daughter was ill and she forced her to go to school because she does not want to miss her business, the doctor had to intervene before she agreed to stay with her at the hospital." he added.

Bridget, who was nonchalant about the court proceeding, claimed that her husband does not have time for her and the kids, as he does not come home regularly.

She said: "Don't mind him whenever he comes home, he will drop ten thousand naira that only last for two weeks. He does not sleep at home nor come to check on us.”

Bridget added that she will like to keep her children in her custody if they get separated by the court.

Ibironke Elabor, the court president, ask the husband why he hasn't fulfilled marital right after living together for so long.

Yusuf said his failure to fulfill marital rite was due to her (Bridget) character, which he said hasn't been encouraging.

According to Yusuf, "when we started living together, she wasn't like this until she started moving around with people that are influencing her negatively."

Ruling Elabor adjourn the case till May 5, 2018 for hearing.


  • Chinwe Aguobi

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