‘Okada’ Riders Vow To Protest Ban In Anambra


Commercial motorcyclists in Anambra state have vowed to protest the ban on their operations by the state government.

Kingsley Nworah, the Awka South zonal leader of Commercial Motorcycle Transport Union of Nigeria, said this on Saturday.

He said, “We must protest this ban because it is against our fundamental right of existence. Most of our members are breadwinners of their families. How will they cope if this ban is allowed to be?

“We are trying to fine tune everything before embarking on the protest; including obtaining a police permit for the protest.

“We plan to march to the Government House to see the governor about this because the ban is unconscionable.

“Thousands of people will lose their jobs if this is allowed. Besides, the governor told us when we were working for his second tenure that he won’t join other states to ban Okada. So we are planning to see him in a peaceful protest.”

C. Don Adinuba, Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, in local radio programme said the ban had come to be.

He said the government would extend the ban to other major cities of the state such as Nnewi and Ekwulobia.

While saying that Okada business belonged to the past, the commissioner said government would initiate measures to assist the okada riders to upgrade their business through the purchase of shuttle buses.

He said it was not the intention of government to inflict hardship on anybody.

Adinuba said,”Obiano is one governor that has a human face. We’re not banning Okada with the intention to inflict pain on anybody. We are doing this in the overall interest of the people.”

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