Pastor Adeboye Attacked By Muslim Group


Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has been censured for stating next year’s general election might not hold, if killings persisted.

In a statement by its director, Ishaq Akintola, the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, accused Adeboye of ignoring the killing of Muslims while he whined over similar incidents involving Christians. Akintola also said incidents of killings have been unfairly reported in the Nigerian media. “… when Muslims are killed, the Nigerian media uses captions like “85 killed in Maiduguri Explosion” or “76 Die as Hoodlums Invade Zamfara Village”. But when Christians are killed, the language and style change. The caption is “Fulani Herdsmen Murder 22 Christians”.

“It is for this reason that Pastor Adeboye needs to direct his warnings at the Nigerian press, not at the government”, he said.

Akintola further said: “Government is not escalating the crisis. Their asymmetrical reportage poses great danger to peaceful coexistence in a multi-religious Nigeria.

“Pastor Adeboye should also note that things are not usually what they look like from a distance. Benue militias have been caught disguised as Fulani herdsmen. None of the hoodlums caught by the military in the ongoing operation in Benue could speak Fulani language, yet they dressed like Fulani herdsmen and carried AK47 rifles".

“Fake military camps have also been exposed in the same Middle Belt. Militiamen arrested have confessed that the Christian state governors are their sponsors. So, why does Adeboye refuse to acknowledge the killing of Muslims? Who are the Benue and Taraba militiamen killing?”

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