PDP To Nigerians: Why Buhari Mustn’t Be Re-elected


Opposition Peoples Democratic Party revved its disapproval for President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid in 2019 in a statement it issued on Sunday. The PDP, which was unhinged from power after a 16-year rule, said allowing Buhari a second term “will further divide and impoverish Nigerians”.

The party said the President’s “harsh and reckless policies … coupled with his body language are expressly responsible for the untold economic hardship, ethnic division and daily bloodletting”.

More so, the PDP said Buhari was being prodded to run by “Presidency cabal” hoping to “promote nepotism and protect cronies and corrupt members” of the ruling party “from the long arms of the law”.

The PDP added that a Buhari comeback would “destroy democratic principles”, would allow the infringement on citizens rights and persecution of opposition”, among others.

“Nigerians do not need clairvoyants and psychics to know that another term for the President will lead to decimation of the middle class, over-taxation of the poor, the complete erosion of freedom and secret fight against free enterprise.”

However, the PDP said it is better “repositioned” to rescue our nation and restore democratic order.”

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