Scandal-ridden Cambridge Analytica Shuts Operation


Cambridge Analytica and SCL Election, the two British marketing firms accused of misusing Facebook users' data to influence elections have shut down. The firms announced the decision on Wednesday in a press release. They blamed negative media coverage that followed revelations of their alleged misuse of over 15 million Facebook users’ data which they allegedly obtained from the social networking giant under false pretense.

They claimed the matter had driven away potential clients as well as existing ones making it no longer viable to continue operating the business.

Different accounts said it was possible that as many as 87 million users’ data might have been collected in the Facebook scandal linked to Cambridge Analytica in a ruthless bid to profile prospective voters and target them for campaign ads in several countries, especially the United States.

Internal company documents made public by some Cambridge Analytica former employees alleged that SCL Election was involved in questionable election practices in Nigeria since 2007. During the 2015 elections, Cambridge allegedly deployed scare tactics to dissuade potential voters of Muhammadu Buhari after being contracted by an unnamed businessman with ties to then-incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, the UK Guardian reported.



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