Senate Moves To Make Driving School Compulsory


The Nigerian Senate Tuesday debated the “low level of literacy” of many drivers, saying it accounts largely for accidents on the roads. The discussion came via a motion sponsored by Senator Umar kufi (APC, Katsona).

The Senator said the “majority of drivers employed to drive in official capacity either in public or private sector in Nigeria do not possess the necessary qualifications”. He further said the affected drivers “lack the basic skills of reading and writing”, which “has given rise to forgery and fake documentation of car particulars.”

After deliberations by members on the issue, the Senate resolved its committee on transportation summon government agencies responsible for ensuring safety on the roads to discuss a way out.

In his contribution, Senator Bukola Saraki, the president of Senate, said not only must drivers be made to undergo crash courses and be able to write and communicate effectively in English.

Senator Saraki said the government would make “driving schools mandatory by establishing same in every state with short term courses for every prospective driver”.

He added: "Licenses must be obtained by going through the normal test that is required”. He lamented the corruption in the process of obtaining driving licence.

“The challenge is to those responsible for this and our Committee on Transport should provide their oversight and ensure that Road Safety and Vehicle inspection offices carry out the necessary work."

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