Woman Begs Court To Dissolve 30-Year-Old Marriage


A 52-year-old woman, Abigail Adenike Olaniran, has begged an Agege Customary Court to dissolve her 30-year-old marriage to husband, Peter Akinola, 70 over psychological and emotional abuse.

Adenike told the court that the relationship had become void of love.

According to her “Since I married my husband I have always lived separately and I have never complained, despite having properties he won’t let me stay in any of the house, he would rather rent an apartment for me.

“My presence has always been shunned and scornful, we never had a husband and wife moment, there was lack of communication, I get ignored and not cared for, even while I was in the UK, he never called to check on me.

“I lost my home in the UK when I came back to Nigeria to resolve this marriage issue and now I’m homeless both in the UK and here.

“I want the total dissolution of the marriage, can’t take the trauma anymore.” She concluded.

Akinola in his defense told the court that he still loves his wife and if getting a divorce makes her happy he will not have a choice but to oblige.

Speaking on the psychological and emotional abuse petitioned against him.

He said “If my wife said she is psychologically abuse, it must be the consequences of her action and her stubbornness.

“As a nurse in a tertiary hospital, she was confortable. I rented a three bed-room apartment for her, gave her a car and housekeeping allowance.

“She is proud and she traveled to the UK against my advice when our last child was just two-year old. The separation really affected the children.

After listening to both parties, Ibironke Elabor, the court president, adjourned the case till July 3, 2018 for judgment.

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