2018 World Cup: Supporters’ Club Criticise NFF Over Neglect


The Nigeria Football Supporters’ Club, NFSC,  has criticised the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, over their alleged lack of concern for them in Russia.

According to the Punch, Rafiu Ladipo, NFSC President-General, accused the national football body of showing disrespect and disregard for the club.

Ladipo alleged that the NFF has not aided the supporters' club in terms of logistics and funding in the Eastern European country.

He said, “The supporters club was able to come to Russia for the World Cup because of Glo, Rev. Mother Esther, and the Lagos State Government.

“We also contributed individually to ensure that the national team don’t lack our support during their matches.

“We don’t  want any money from them  but they should at least recognise our presence here.”

Ladipo also berated the present board of the NFF, stating that their relationship has been acrimonious, unlike previous boards who offered the club support at competitions.

“We know that our relationship with the NFF has not been cordial, and they don’t want to see our faces.

“We have worked with many NFF boards but the current one  has not supported us; it is the worst we have worked with.”

Ladipo also criticised a top member of the NFF for allegedly undermining the supporters’ club because “he does n’t want to see us”.

He disclosed that the supporters have, however, pledged their support for the Super Eagles in the tournament despite the NFF’s alleged neglect.

He said, “We will support the Eagles to victory at the World Cup because we believe in Nigeria. We have sacrificed everything to be in Russia because we believe the Eagles can make the country proud and we want to be part of the success story. I love football and I’m passionate about it."


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