Britons Slam Theresa May For Bowing To Prince William


Some British citizens have condemned their Prime Minister, Theresa May on social media for bowing to Prince William.

In a viral photo, May almost knelt down while welcoming Prince William to a newly-built Defence and National Rehabilitation Center in Notthinghampshire, England.

[caption id="attachment_396915" align="alignright" width="300"] Theresa May kneeling before Prince William[/caption]

Reacting to the picture a Twitter user, Lloyd Melville wrote:

"Seeing Theresa May’s greeting to Prince William reminds me just how much I disagree with everything the establishment stands for. In an Independent Scotland, we’ll have the choice of whether or not we keep the Monarchy."

David Mack tweeted, "Obsessed with theresa may's awkwardly low curtsy to prince william.

And for my fellow ??s:

PM Theresa May 61

Prince William 36...."

A UK-born Nigerian, Wale Gates, said "The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, meets the His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. How adult human beings continue to indulge all this with a straight face is truly baffling and embarrassing."

Glenn Greenwald reacted "Just in case you thought the UK was a democracy & that power sat with the people & our elected politicians. The PM of the UK, Theresa May, meets His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. #UKisnotademocracy#".

"Photo shows England Prime Minister Ms Theresa May publicly crawling before Prince William. It’s an insult of a democratically elected leader," Gerry Hassan said.

Another Twitter user, Shakeel Ahmad wrote: "Democracy bending knee in front of Monarchy. The Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, meets Prince William.

I always wonder how adult human beings continue to indulge all this..? Embarrassing..."

Also, controversial television host, Piers Morgan, tweeted, "Theresa May greeting Prince William. Have you ever seen anything more revoltingly sycophantic in your life? Do we really want someone who does this in front of royalty leading our Brexit negotiations?."

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