End SARS Campaign Is A ‘Scam’ – Police Chief


Abayomi Shogunle, Head of Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, PCRRU, of the Nigerian Police, has alleged that the campaign to abolish the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly referred to as #EndSARS, on the social media is a "scam."

Shogunle, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, made the allegation on Sunday while responding to a post made by a foreigner on Twitter regarding the campaign.

In an earlier tweet, Roman Greenspan, who from his Twitter profile identified himself as a "Business and CEO" living in Chigaco in the United States, said although he is not a Nigerian, he had seen stories of brutality from the police unit and decided to lend his voice in support of the campaign.

Greenspan's tweet read, "I'm not Nigerian but i am with you guys to #EndSARS @CNNAfrica @BBCAfrica @AlJazerrra Police brutality is real in Nigeria i saw it my self."

Responding, Shogunle advised Greenspan not to fall for the "scam 419" campaign, but should instead re-direct his campaign towards ending police brutality in his town and the United States as a whole.

"Don’t fall for #EndSARS scam 419. Why not use same energy to end the real police brutality & high controversial police killings in your country? Your very Chicago has one of the worst police brutality records in USA reference Department of Justice Report," Shogunle's tweet read.

Greenspan, however, deleted his tweet and his Twitter page some hours later.

But that did not deter Nigerians, who heavily criticised Shogunle in the comment section for dismissing the allegations by purported victims and describing the #EndSARS campaign as a rip-off.

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