Fani-Kayode Condemns Sentencing Of Five Christians To Death


Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation, has slammed a court order sentencing five christians to death by hanging in Adamawa State.

Justice Abdul-Azeez Waziri sentenced Alex Amos, Alheri Phanuel, Holy Boniface, Jerry Gideon and Jari Sabagi to death for culpable homicide, after they were found guilty of killing a fulani herdsman in the state.

The convicts were said to have committed the crime on June 1, 2017, at Kadamun village, Demsa Local Government Area, where they conspired and attacked three herdsmen rearing cattle and killed one of them, Adamu Buba before dumping his body into a river. They also reportedly maimed several cows.

Reacting to the court order in a series of tweet, Fani-Kayode​ said that the christian convicts were defending themselves against Fulani terrorists. He insinuated that Nigeria is becoming an apartheid state, where herdsmen are above the law.

Fani-Kayode questioned why the jihadists who killed the RCCG Evangelist for preaching in Abuja were set free, and the ones who killed Bridget,the Deeper Life Pastor’s wife in Kano have not been sentenced.

"No Fulani terrorist has been reprimanded or jailed for killing more than 5,300 Christians in 2018 alone.

”Meanwhile 5 Christians of the Numan tribe have been sentenced to death by a Fulani Judge in Adamawa for defending themselves against a Fulani terrorist.

”Do non-Fulani lives not matter as well? Is Nigeria now an apartheid state where the Fulani are above the law?” he questioned.

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