‘I Committed My Soul To An Armed Robber’


Dear Love & Life

I’m at a dead end! If I had listened to my friends I wouldn’t be in this nightmare of a relationship. Things were rosy at the beginning, I’d never been loved or loved someone so dearly before. My love for him was so true I even agreed to take an oath with him. He took me to one Baba, who prepared some concoction and gave us to drink. Little did I know it’s the same man that fortifies him for his robbery operations he took me to. I’m ashamed to admit it but yes my boyfriend is an armed robber. The day I found out I almost died, he told me that I will lose my life if I ever tell a soul. I also found out the oath I took was to keep silent about his operations and not because he doesn’t want to ever lose me. He gives me everything I want but how can I live the rest of my life with an armed robber, he may even have killed someone. I don’t know what to do, I’ve deserted all my friends because of him and I’m scared that I may even lose my life by writing this. I need help!


Dear Anonymous Lady,

As troublesome and illogical as your story seems to be, it is also an eye opener for the youth, especially those who are in a relationship or seeking to be in a relationship.

Your case is just one out of several instances of young guys and ladies doing ridiculous things all in the name of "love." You both are just in a simple relationship. Why then, for any reason whatsoever, take an oath? Na so the love dey shark you? Oath concerning intimacy are only taken by the two partners on their wedding day and in formalised settings and in the presence of witnesses. And even the wording of the marriage oath is as clear as ABC for everyone to understand. Why then did you decide to take an oath in a secluded place with no reliable witness from your end?

As for the solution, you cannot eat your cake and have it. No matter the financial resource or emotional attention you get from him, the truth is that you are in looming, high risk danger if you remain with him. Because the day the long arm of the law reaches him, the law enforcement agents will swoop for everyone associated with him, and that includes you.

The best way to get out of this mess is for you to quietly ditch him, since he may get rebuff if you tell him in person and could target you violently. Delete all contacts with him and change your phone number to avoid re-establishing communication with him.

Lastly, you need to visit your spiritual director and inform him or her of the entire situation so that you get prayers to nullify the potency of the deceitful black-magic "love" oath.



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