I’m In Love With My Boss But…


Dear love and life, my name is John. I work with an insurance company and also a part-time student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG.

I am in love with my boss and I think the feeling is mutual.

Aside being beautiful, I developed soft spot for her because shes smart, clear-headed and ambitious.

We seem to share similar traits. But I detest office romance.

Please help me, how do I get over this feeling?


Dear John,

I clearly understand your emotions and how you feel, but this is a very dangerous terrain you are about to roll into.
Like you have rightly pointed out, office romance is quite a sensitive matter and yours is even more complicated as your crush not even with your equal or subordinate but your own boss.
Now, for a relationship to blossom, you have to first crosscheck your workplaces ethics book or code of conduct to know if it allows a close or, better still, a romantic friendship amongst its staff or not. This is because some companies expressly abhor an amorous affair between co-workers and expressly state it out in their handbook. If such matter is not addressed in the handbook, I will advise that you snoop around your friends who have stayed longer at the establishment and find out if such situation is permitted, and ask for precedent instances. But you must do this sensibly, without causing suspicion or revealing your true motives.
Once all the institutional hurdles are cleared, you must then APPROACH the woman you think you like. Take her for outings, build a rapport with her and then see if you are both on the same page before you can pursue your agenda further. You might have the same traits but you cannot assume that the feelings you both have for each other is mutual. Assumptions in friendships are wrong and it has destroyed what could have been budding relationships.
You cannot know her true feelings for you until you have established it, and you can only know it when you courteously and boldly engage in a conversation with her.


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