I’ve Not Seen My Son In 15 Years, Shekau’s Mother Says


Falmatu Shekau, the mother of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has said she has not seen her son for 15 years.

She said this in an interview with the Hausa service of the Voice of America on Thursday. She said her son became radicalised when he met Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of the Islamic terrorist groupand she had not set eyes on him since then.

“Since Shekau met Mohammed Yusuf, I never saw him again,” Falmatu said.

''I know he is my son and everyone knows the love a mother has for her son but our characters differ. He has put a lot of people into very difficult situations.

“I wish I could see him to talk some sense into him. He has thrown a lot of people into panic but I am praying to Allah to set him on the right path.''

She also revealed that Shekau’s father, who died years ago, was a local Koranic school teacher and that her son spent his early years roaming the streets of Maiduguri as an almajiri (itinerant koranic school student).

The report also reveled that many residents of Shekau's village have been hiding their identities to avoid being labelled terrorists.

Shekau served as deputy leader to Yusuf until the Boko Haram founder was executed in 2009. He has been a persistent thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian Army. He had, a number of times, appeared in new videos to debunk claims by the military that he had been killed.

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