Journalist Humiliated For Sleeping With Married Woman (Video)


A journalist was humiliated and assaulted in public after a man caught him having sex with a married woman.

The suspects took photos of the victim’s work ID card, which identified him as Clayton Masekesa of Zimbabwe, who works for the Newsday newspaper.

The assault was recorded and posted on social media, where it has gone viral.

One of the disturbing videos shows the man being forced to roll in mud while the suspects mocked him. When he got up from the ground, the suspects rubbed mud on Masekesa’s face, hands, and clothes.

WorldWide Weird News reports that Masekesa, a sports reporter, allegedly was caught at the home of Mutare City Football Club secretary general, Soul Tom. He was accused of having sex with the wife of the well-connected man.

The man used his connections to get officials to lure the journalist to a quiet location where he was attacked. After the videos of the assault went viral, police arrested 2 police officers, two soldiers, and two municipal security officials.

They were all charged with assault and kidnapping.

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