‘Keke Napep’ Decorated In Nigeria’s Jersey Design Flood Lagos Roads


As action at the 2018 World Cup in Russia continues, the spotlight continues to traverse on happenings both on and off-the-pitch both in Russia and the participating countries.

There have been numerous off-the-pitch attractions, including the energetic display at the stadia and the bright coloured memorabilia of the various national teams as showcased by travelling fans. However, the major off-field development that has stood out at this year’s competition has been the artistic designs of the jerseys worn by the players.

Fashion, as it has staunchly proved in this 21st century, transcends beyond the entertainment and arts. It goes on to provide a loud statement about a people’s identity and culture.

Leading the pack in terms of fashion at this year’s Mundial is, surprisingly, Nigeria’s jersey. Designed by sport manufacturer, Nike, the raindrop jersey design- inspired by the team’s outfit at the USA ’94 World Cup- has left a terrific impression on the rest of the world, as noticed by the number of positive reviews and level of the jersey purchase.

The hype about the Super Eagles’ jersey, which was voted recently as the best jersey at the ongoing World Cup, continues greatly back home.  This hysteria has been taken to a whole new level as some commercial tricycle operators, popularly called Keke Marwa or Keke NAPEP, have chosen a unique style to identify with the team.

Plying through roads in Lagos state, one thing would surely capture one’s attention is the sight of some commercial tricycles, decorated with the green and white raindrop strips of the Super Eagles’ Jersey.

Findings reveal that this amazing concept was initiated by a tricycle manufacturing company, which sponsored the draping of the jerseys in order to make Nigerians appreciate the celebrated jersey design, as well as lend their support to the Super Eagles.

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