Lebanese Policewomen Wear Mini-shorts To Attract Tourists


Female police recruits in Lebanese city of Broummana have been made to wear mini-shorts to attract tourists.

The female officers now patrol the streets of the city in black top, mini-shorts and red berets.

According to the Mayor of the town, Pierre Achkar, most of the tourists who visit the region wear shorts. He said the move is also intended to help generate revenue and improve the country’s image.

“Ninety-nine percent of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” explained Mayor Pierre Achkar.

“We in Lebanon want to change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West.”

However, not everyone in the town shared in the mayor's vision. Some residents have reportedly complained on social media that it is wrong to lure tourists using attractive women. Others noted that their male colleagues’ uniform remains unchanged.

Despite mixed reactions, one of the new police recruit, Samata Saad, said she is enjoying the job.

She said, “We came willingly to this work and we have accepted it with enthusiasm and we still hope that it will return in every summer season.”

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