Man Dies While Fleeing Murder Scene


A 22-year-old man, Larnell Kennedy, has died after he was run over by a car while escaping a murder scene.

Kennedy had reportedly shot his 21-year-old girlfriend in the head three times while she was driving.  Other road users had blocked him with their cars to prevent him from escaping.  He however managed to escaped but was knocked down by an oncoming car.  He died on the spot.

The police say the crime happened on Sunday on Albany Street, Erie Boulevard, New York,  United States.

Robert Sears, Acting Police Chief, said at a news conference at Albany police headquarters, that the lovers had been together “on-and-off” for four to five years, and that they had separated just before the weekend’s incidents.

“There is no indication that anything like this was ever going to happen,” Sears said.

“They did have their ups and downs during their relationship but nothing that would ever indicate something like this would happen.”


Ashaolu Oluwafemi

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