Merkel Given Ultimatum To Overhaul Germany’s Migration Policy


German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is facing a make-or-break week, after leading figures in her sister party, the Christian Social Union, CSU, gave her ultimatum to overhaul her migration policy.

According to German newspaper, Bild, in an unprecedented challenge to Merkel's authority, the CSU has given her a two-week deadline to meet its demands to overhaul asylum policy.

Bild reports that a collapse of Merkel's government could trigger the rise of the right-wing, which means that the German leader will then face a choice between a humiliating climbdown on migration policy, or fire her interior minister, which would likely trigger a government collapse.

The development is also instigating fears that the imminent collapse of Merkel's fragile coalition, would trigger 'uncontrollable' EU-wide break-up, according to a leading left-wing and pro-EU commentator, Paul Mason.

Mason explained: "I think the big danger in all of our nightmares whether you are pro- or anti-European Union, the nightmare is that it breaks up in an uncontrollable way.

"The way it does that is if the Merkel government falls and switches to the right, as the Austrian government did.

"Alexander Dobrindt, the leader of the CSU, the sister party of Merkel's, has come out really strongly with this Austrian and Italian line and that is undermining Merkel’s authority."

Also, commentator Julia Hartley-Brewer, added that Merkel had "undermined her own authority when she allowed a million undocumented migrants into her country."

Bild further claimed that Merkel has two weeks to gain the support of EU partners, to reform the union's migration laws.

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