Muslim Group Withdraws Threat To Sue Falz Over Controversial Video


The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has withdrawn its threat to sue Folarin Falana popularly called Falz over his controversial ‘This is Nigeria’ video.

The group had on June 5 issued the artiste a seven-day ultimatum to bring down the video and demanded an apology for featuring hijab-wearing female choreographers dancing ‘shaku-shaku’. The video also featured a Fulani man appearing to behead an individual.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Islamic group said it has resolved to drag Falz to agencies responsible for censoring films and videos.

The statement read: “Our office has since been inundated with solidarity visits, while our telephone lines have been flooded with a deluge of calls from members, friends, well-wishers, journalists and other concerned Nigerians, majority of whom are of the Islamic faith.

“In deference to pleas made by well-meaning Nigerians, in order to keep faith with our avowed motto (Dialogue, Not Violence) and to further confirm that MURIC is a listening, mature and responsible organisation committed to promoting peace in Nigeria, the Think-Tank resolved to drag the artist to government agencies saddled with the responsibility of censoring films and videos.

“It is not a U-turn but a sudden change in tactics.”

The group said the new move “will have a more enduring impact not only on Falz but the entire industry” as it will make agencies sit up to their responsibilities.

“MURIC is no longer contemplating court action against Falz, neither are we demanding any apology from him or his management.

“The likely pecuniary gain in the event of a court validation of our claims does not interest us. We are no longer looking at Falz but at a larger picture.

“The matter will now go to those government agencies who are supposed to do their jobs in the first place. Instead of creating media tension and granting cheap popularity, this matter will now be handled by professionals who know what to do.

“In the interest of peace, law and order, we are calling on the National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB) to take up the matter from this moment,"the group said.

MURIC maintained that the video is “offensive and provocative,” saying it “portrays Fulanis (and Nigerian Muslims) as killers”. It added that the video “is capable of igniting crisis and precipitating a general breakdown of law and order”.

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