‘My Fiancée’s Mum Is Trying To Seduce Me’



Hello love and life,

My name is Kelvin. My case is a very disturbing one that needs urgent help. I’m planning to marry my girlfriend of three years later this year. Preparations have been looking good, my family likes her and she surprisingly struck gold with my mum, who I feared may not like her because of the tattoo on the back of her neck.

Same can be said for her family who also liked me the first day I visited. The problem here, before I go any further, is her mother. She likes me very much but my fear is the funny manner she stares at me and touches me.

So her family wanted to have a closer look at me and invited me to their special family reunion last Easter.

My fiancée invited me to the kitchen sensing I was bored sitting all alone in the balcony. Her mother suddenly started getting close to me and unnecessarily touching me. In my usual manner, I was cracking them all up and she just threw herself into my arms while she was laughing. Her breasts pressed firmly to my chest.

The following morning after I finished showering, I walked into the room to find her sitting on my bed with her exercise gear. And she sat there staring at my bare chest and wet boxers.

Frankly, she’s getting too close for comfort. I’m getting worried. Also, at lunch on Easter, she leaned too close to me while she was serving my food. Her lips brushed my ear as she walked away. I’m getting confused, is she trying to seduce me?

I’m marrying her daughter in three months’ time. Please help me.


Dear Kelvin,
This situation of yours, I must admit, is quite a surreal one. It is surprising and frankly to hear that the mother of your bride-to-be might have purportedly exhibited some unusual amorous signs and gestures towards you, despite her being in the full knowledge that you and her daughter are about to get married.
After reading through your story again and again, I am tempted to say whether you are probably palpitating unnecessarily. But on second thought, I would say there is also some grave cause for concern here. This is because if, truly, she did all what you described, then she is deliberately trying to fix you into a husband-wife-mother triangle, which, without fully explaining the obvious, will be detrimental to your upcoming wedding and, if it happens subsequently, your marriage.
And it would be more disastrous if your fiancée gets to know about the present situation without you informing her. Therefore, what I will advise you to do is to sit your bride-to-be down and have a calm and frank discussion about the whole situation. Explain to her all the signs that her mother has exhibited towards you and your weird feelings about what might happen if the situation is not checked.
She will, obviously, get very angry and will want to hit her mother with unparalleled rage, but it is your duty to keep her calm in order for her not to embark on an action she might later regret. Then, you must impress on her to have a dignified conversation with her mother over your weighty allegations and implore her mother to kindly retrace her steps.
With that, I am sure that all the weird glances and appearances by your fiancée’s mother will end. But I must reiterate again that this issue must be handled with the greatest sense of responsibility and maturity in order to get the desired positive outcome that you would want.


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