Personal Finance: Earn A Fortune In Small Chops Business


Have you been dreaming of starting a small chops business? Dream no further and embrace the opportunity to make it a reality.

The small chops business in Nigeria is a fast growing one and there is hardly any party you go to where organisers wouldn’t serve small chops also known as finger foods. Aside big events like weddings, funeral, christening and birthday parties, small chops are also the preferred choice when gathering friends for a get-together, seeing a football match, boat cruise and a time on the beach. Some night clubs and bars even serve small chops to their customers, individuals and companies are not left out either as some place orders for home or office celebration as well as private consumption.

The business, which used to have 'Saheeto' known as the 'King of Small Chops, 12 Baskets and Laredo International' as some of the major players, now has more than 100 names in the game, the sky is indeed big to accommodate everyone.


Small chops comprise of the following: potato chips, spring rolls, puff-puff, samosa, meat balls, and chicken-in-batter/snail/fish coupled with other distinguishing factor anyone wishes to put, as the saying goes that ‘innovation is not about changing the form but the flavor.’

Samosa is a popular snack which originated from India, while spring rolls originated from China. Nigeria, being one of the countries that love samosa and spring roll never joke with the combo at parties needless to say every Nigerian party must have small chops on their menu.

Many of the established small chops dealers offer 100 pieces of spring rolls for N15,000 while the same quantity of peppered chicken wings cost N22,000. Also, young entrepreneurs who are in the business offer the same service at a far cheaper rate.

Basic Requirements Needed

To start a successful small chops business, you need the following:

  • A workspace (kitchen), cooking utensils (pots, pans, knives, spoons etc.),
  • A cooker or stove;
  • and of course the ingredients that would be used to prepare your small chops. Some common items needed to prepare small-chops include; carrots, cabbage, minced meat, snail, gizzard, chicken, flour, yeast, beef, croaker fish, yam (for yam balls)

Generating Customers

Getting customers sometimes isn't easy but start with word of mouth because it is the cheapest form of advertising. Invite friends over and have them taste your meal and they would definitely let others know the quality of your chops. Alternatively, you can advertise your business through social media.

Remember, your price tag should attract potential customers not chase them away. More so, shopping all the ingredients you need yourself saves you a lot of money.

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