Shocked! My New Born Baby Is My Neighbour’s Carbon Copy


Dear Love & Life

My name is Chidi and I hate my wife right now. I left my wife in the hospital after she gave birth to a baby boy who does not in anyway look like me. I'm a very dark man and my wife is dark as well but the baby is so fair. I don't know of any fair person in my family except my next door neighbor and the child is exactly his carbon copy. The moment I saw the baby I knew something was wrong and that can never be my baby. I can't accept that baby in my house until she tells me the truth. Please I want to know if I'm over reacting. Can two people who are dark give birth to a fair baby? When the nurse saw me she could not believe I was the father of the baby because she was shocked herself to see how fair the baby is. I think my wife had sex with our neighbor while I was away for three months. What should I do? I heard a DNA test cost about N350,000 which I cannot afford now. I know a woman's heart is an ocean deep of secrets but this one is too obvious, that little thing at the hospital is not my baby, I am so confused right now, please help me.


Dear Chidi,

First of all, I empathise with you over this confusing and surreal situation. But the bizarre situation presently does not mean that you should detest your wife as you have claimed.
Regarding the situation, I’m not a medical doctor but there are rare occasions when the complexion of a new born baby slightly differs from that of his or her parents. The new baby, as I have known and seen personally, could take the complexion of his or her grandparents also. However, the baby must possess some genetic attributes of his or her real parents; for example, curly hair, big hands, eye resemblance etc.
I do think that you are overreacting in the interim. Yes, the complexion difference is vastly dissimilar, but I think that you should have a heart-to-heart talk with your wife. Remove the misconception that a woman’s heart is an ocean deep of secret and interact with her genuinely. I also suggest that you do not employ the ill-tempered cross-examination procedure used by lawyers in the court, rather try to calm her down by doing your enquiry in a mild, subtle and indirect manner.
By doing this, you would be able to reach even the deepest abode in her heart and get her to explain to you the whole situation at ease.
If she still insists that she never had an affair with any person and that you her indeed the father of the child, then I guess that the only solution to dispel your preconceived doubts is to save enough money to conduct a DNA test.
But I will advise, do not do anything rash in the interim. You cannot go and confront the said neighbour when you don’t have any evidence to substantiate your claim. Also, do not drive your wife and the new born child out of your home, as that would be totally irresponsible of you to do despite your misgivings. After all, I’m sure you joyfully took the “for better, for worse” oath at your marriage ceremony.
The storm is currently blowing in your family. Allow calmness, rationality and most importantly, LOVE - that same love that united both of you together- take precedence over anger in your decision-making, and serenity and happiness will joyfully return to your home.



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