W/Cup: Denmark Players Hire Jet For Colleague To See New-Born Child


Jonas Knudsen, a defender for Denmark football team currently on national duty at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, was several miles away when he was informed that his wife, Trine, had given birth to a baby girl.

However, he was not present in the labour room to help his wife deliver her new-born baby.

To compensate for his time away from his family, Knudsen's colleagues paid for a private jet so defender could fly home and see his new-born daughter after the World Cup win over Peru.

The 25-year-old's gave birth to a girl several weeks earlier than expected, after he had arrived in Russia for the tournament.

Speaking on the gesture, goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel said the team wanted to portray the human side of life, and also help Knusden see his daughter for the first time.

Schmeichel said, "We wanted to look at the human side.

"There are lots of fathers in the squad. You have to remember we are human beings as well as footballers."

He added: "As a father myself I cannot imagine how hard it was for Jonas getting that message and not being there.

"We wanted to do anything for him to see his daughter."

Denmark beat Peru 1-0 in Group C on Saturday.

Ipswich left-back Knudsen rejoined the squad on Monday. Denmark faces Australia on Thursday.

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