Yorubas Not Gullible, Nigerians React To Vanguard Chief’s Comment


Some Nigerians have reacted to the abusive comment on Yorubas made by Ochereome Nnanna, Chairman of Editorial Board, Vanguard Newspapers.

Nnanna had last week Saturday referred to Yorubas as ‘sophisticated morons’. He made the comment while reacting to a caustic remark on Facebook.

One Areh Sunday, a journalist and aide to Ifeanyi Okowa, governor of Delta state, had shared his opinion about the declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day and conferment of GCFR on late MKO Abiola.

“I used to think the south-west was very sophisticated. I was wrong. They are the most gullible. They fall for every poisoned carrot dangled before them,” Sunday wrote,” he wrote.

Responding to the post, Nnanna wrote: “Sophisticated morons, more like.”

Newsbreak.ng sought the views of Nigerians on the matter.

Godfrey Daniel, a businessman said: “What the government has done is put the banana before the monkey and you know what happens when you do that, but come 2019, the President will see the other side of the game.”

Emeka Orji, a shop owner stated that the Yorubas are not gullible and can’t believe any political gimmick played by President Buhari. “The first day I heard the June 12 declaration, I knew Buhari was playing politics but this is not the right time to do so and Yorubas are not gullible,"he said.

Another man identified simply as Michael said: "Mr President honoured Abiola to get Yorubas to vote for him in 2019. Yorubas are human beings. If someone does something that pleases you, you dance to his tune. I believe the Yorubas are gullible.

Also, Joseph Gowon said: "I don't think Yorubas are that gullible to fall for any politics driven action. I don't even think anyone is. They may have been in the past but it will not work this time."


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