Ambode Has Abandoned Us, Ikorodu Residents Lament


Residents of three communities, Oshota, Erin Owa, and Agura/Gberigbe, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, have accused Governor  Akinwunmi Ambode of abandoning them.

Their complaints arose after the communities were completely cut off the Elepe-link road to Ikorodu after a heavy downpour. They blamed the lack of a proper drainage system for the flooding.

[caption id="attachment_410624" align="alignleft" width="600"] Gberigbe/Agura Road[/caption]

Taofeek Kazeem, a resident of Oshota told, that the community had to drain the flood from the road with a pumping machine for several hours last Sunday, so that people could go out to their respective places of work on Monday.

“We had to pump water for many hours from the road on Sunday, else a lot of people wouldn’t be able to go to work on Monday,” Kazeem said.

“The Local government came due to what we have been going through, dug few metres of drainage on both sides of the road and that’s all. If we hadn’t done what we did last Sunday, you wouldn’t have been able to come here.”

Joseph Ibueze, a resident of the area said the flood had affected his Nissan Sports Utility Vehicle. He accused the government of neglecting the areas to suffer.

“Once there a heavy downpour here, forget it. People can’t go out; from Gberigbe to Elepe. It looks better now because the water has been drained. I use a Nissan Jeep; the water entered my car and burnt my fan belt. So what is a saloon car or tricycle? Government again, not here to help, so we’re just here struggling with life,” he said.

Segun Iyiade, a resident of Agura/Gberigbe, said two vehicles fell into the abandoned drainage dug by the Local Government last Saturday. According to him, two adults almost drowned on different occasions.

“The Local Government came and dug few meters of drainage and never came back. Rain water filled the drainages insomuch that we could not even differentiate drainage from the road. Two vehicles fell into the drainage on Saturday and the water was up to the car seat level. Two adults also fell inside it on the night of same day. The community had to rent a machine to pump the water into an empty land before people could go out,” he said.

The deplorable condition of the road as well as its lack of a proper drainage channel has also affected business in the area. Speaking to, Kehinde Ifesetan, a commercial tricycle rider, who plies Oshotan to Gberigbe, said the cost of transporting people increases by as much as 400 percent each time it rains.

“Whenever it rains, the water enters inside our keke and we have to increase fare from N100 to N300 or N400,”Kehinde said.

He accused the government of deliberately turning a blind eye to the situation.

“I doubt if this area is recognized as part of Lagos State. Government just abandoned us. Both Local and State Government can’t say they are unaware of what we are going through,” he added.

Sadiat Sekoni, a roast yam seller at Erin Owa, few kilometers from Oshota, lamented how the situation has affected her business. She said her customers no longer come from afar due to the flood. She explained that she usually sold about 15 tubers daily but sales had dropped drastically as she could only sell about four daily.

[caption id="attachment_410773" align="alignright" width="600"] Oshota[/caption]

Another resident, Maxwell Ogbodozie, a trader, said the situation had drastically affected life and business since the beginning of the raining season. He said his shop had been flooded preventing him from displaying his wares.

Ogbodozie added that the flood had also kept his customers away.

Awomodu Adebayo, Baale of the community, in a telephone conversation, told this medium that Wasiu Adeshina, the Ikorodu Local Government Chairman, is aware of the situation.

“I have told the Local Government Chairman as a friend. He brought a caterpillar and created short drainages on both sides of the road, but failed to create a channel where the water will flow out to.

''Now once a small rain comes down, no small cars can use that road. The situation is beyond the Local Government; they don’t have the money. I think the state government is our only hope,'' he said.

He also confirmed the damages done to vehicles due to flooding on the community road.

“Yes, whatever people told you about cars and people falling into the drainage is true. It is no lie. The situation is very pathetic.

Adeshina was not available for comments when visited the council. An employee in the works department, who pleaded anonymity, however said the council was doing something to alleviate the sufferings of the people.


Oluwafemi Ashaolu

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