China’s Highest-paid Actress Banned From Leaving The Country


One of China’s biggest stars, Fan Bingbing, has reportedly been banned from leaving the country amid a tax evasion investigation.

The star, who is regarded in the same way as Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone – made £33million; however, she’s been accused of dodging tax by signing hidden ‘yin and yang’ contracts.

Now, after allegations were first raised in May by a Chinese reporter, the 36-year-old, and her 18-year-old brother, Fan Chengcheng, have reportedly been banned from travelling internationally.

Several of Fan’s employees were also allegedly under police investigation after the allegations of ‘yin and yang contracts’ emerged, where the actress was said to have signed side-by-side public and private agreements that hide her real earnings to avoid paying tax.

Fan, who appeared in the 2014 blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past, topped China’s 2017 celebrity earning list according to Forbes China.

Mysteriously, the original reports of the siblings being banned from travelling, made on Chinese news site The Economic Observer, have now been removed after being published on Saturday, without explanation.

According to Mail Online, screen shots circulated on social media site Weibo claimed Fan Bingbing and her brother have been under investigation since June after the claims were first raised in May by Chinese presenter-producer Cui Yongyuan.

He posted screenshots of two of the actress’ alleged employment contracts – one for 10 million yuan (£1.1 million) and one for 50 million yuan (£5.6 million). It was reported Fan Bingbing denied any wrongdoing when tax evasion reports first surfaced.





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