Couple Arrested For Kissing During Driving Lesson


A couple in Saudi Arabia have been arrested after the man kissed the woman then posted footage of it on social media. It was captioned ‘teaching her how to drive’ then posted on Snapchat, but the incident has landed them in trouble.

Saudi Arabia has only just started allowing women to drive with the first group only receiving their licences in June this year.

The move was seen as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s far-reaching liberalisation drive as he seeks to modernise the conservative state.

However, following the kiss in the car, this couple now face jail in the ultra-conservative country.

Stepfeed translated some tweets of people reacting to the kiss with people saying ‘Is this for real?’ and ‘Lack of modesty. I hope they’re both caught soon.’

However, a more liberal person said: "A man and his girlfriend, what’s the problem? Maybe they’re newly married and this is a video they were trying to send to his or her family and it went out to someone else by mistake."

The Crown Prince is a self-styled reformer, who recently undertook a global tour aimed at reshaping his kingdom’s austere image, has sought to break with long-held restrictions on women and the mixing of the genders.







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