‘I Can’t Help It, I’m In Love With My Neighbour’s Husband’


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Please I need help. There’s this married couple that stays in the same estate with me, they usually come out for a walk with their little daughter and that's how we became friends. The wife fell seriously ill and I offered to help them take care of Dami, their daughter whenever school bus drops her off because he’ll be at work by that time and the grandma in the hospital.

I started getting really attached to the little girl and vice versa, the girl's daughter became very nice to me by buying me stuffs, provisions, and giving me money, that was when the problem started, it made me realise how happy I get whenever it's just the three of us. I tried to shake the feelings off but it's not working, I think I’m in love with my neighbours’ husband.


Hello Anonymous lady,
I understand your emotional attachment towards a man who shows you unbridled care and attention, but you just have to remember: he is MARRIED!
It will be very uncharitable of you if you decide to exploit the help you provide to the family for selfish reasons. You have to imbibe the spirit of humanity in you to reject all forms of advances that may be made by the vulnerable husband or even attempt to tempt him with erotic moves or dressing.
While gifts should be well appreciated, you should, however, not be willing to accept all things provided to you. This is because you VOLUNTARILY decided to help the family in their difficult situation. You have to be careful of "Greek gifts", which may have an underlining purpose.
You must shake off those erotic feelings by ensuring you are not with him all the time. Also, reduce the level of single discussions with him as that would reduce the level of closeness and unnecessary familiarity. It is important that you take these steps in order to retain the trust of not just the family but also family & friends in the long run and avoid being described as a husband snatcher.



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