I Never Said Movie Producers Can’t Afford Me – Jim Iyke


Nollywood actor and movie producer, Jim Iyke has refuted reports that he said movie makers cannot afford him.

Recently, reports have it that Iyke boasted that the reason he has not been seen in movies of late is as a result of filmmakers not being able to pay his fees.

But in an interview with Newsbreak.ng, the 'American Driver' actor, claimed that his statements was misconstrued, adding that he, being a movie producer cannot condescend too low to utter such.

"They totally misquoted me, i’m sure if you do extensive research you will hear what I said in the interview.

"The truth of the matter is i’m always forthright when I speak my mind, i’m always specific, I address the issue headlong and I don’t speak tongue-in-cheek. Anybody that’ll misquote me and twist my word around, making it look like i'm making ignorant and arrogant statement just lied."

He continued: "I was very specific about the definition of affordability. I’ve been on platforms that could not pay my fees but because the script was on-point, the director, structure and producer were on point and I knew this will be a popular movie that will be seen in the cinemas, I enjoyed it and I got on board.

"Also, I have had people that offered me tremendous amount of money to get on board but the script is crap, movie is crap, and they are not willing to make changes or learn or even hire professionals. They are busy hiring their circle of friends and mediocre, and I would not get myself in such circle. That, for me is affordability," he said.


By Deborah Yisah



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