‘I Played Hard To Get Now He’s Marrying My Friend’


Hi, my name is Tola, a university undergraduate and an event planner. There is this guy called Femi, who had been asking me out. I always ended up turning his date request down as a means of playing hard to get. Though I really like him a lot. Each time he paid a visit to my hostel, I never for once gave him attention, rather it was my roommate, Funke who gave him audience on my behalf. Whenever she asked the reason for my action I just simply lied that I wasn’t interested in him. Little did I know I was gradually chasing him away. I found out they were already going out and had proceeded to their wedding preparations which is fast approaching. The problem is have been contracted to plan the event which I already gave my consent to but I don’t think I can anymore because it hurts me more when I think of how I pushed him away. I am really confused here. Really feel like running away before the said date.
Please I need your advice.


Hello Tola,
First of all, my commiseration to you over what could have been a fruitful union. You should not have deflected attention away from Femi when, in your innermost heart, you knew you really liked him. Unfortunately for you, the rejected stone has become the cornerstone of your friend.
As regards the wedding planning, you have been contracted to organise the event. Be a proper professional and do your job effectively. Do not allow personal emotions erode your professional sense of judgement. This is a tough test that will assess your professional capability. The easiest advice I would have given is that you turn down the job hands down. But that will not help you develop mentally and professionally as you would be running away from challenges.
It's better to face the problem head on. Yes, it will be painful for you to see Funke marry the guy who could have been your sweetheart, but also remember that you would not be losing as you would charge them the full fees for your service.
So, I will advice that you jump at the opportunity of planning this wedding and also showcase to both present and future clients that your feelings cannot hamper your duties.



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