Lagos Commissioner Clarifies Statement On Religious Leaders


Abdulateef Abdulhakeem, the Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, has clarified a statement he made about the government placing religious leaders on the state's pay roll.

Abdulhakeem, speaking on a television programme, Your View, said the news is untrue. He said he was merely misquoted when he said the leaders needed to sensitise their followers about the ills of corruption and immorality.

“The clear position is that the Lagos State Government is not intending to employ imams and pastors. There is no such plan and there is no willingness on our part to delve into a private realm,” Abdulhakeem said.

“I must have been misunderstood or misquoted,” Abdulhakeem clarified.

“We were at a forum where we were trying to encourage religious leaders to be advocates against corruption because religious leaders have millions of adherents and they enjoy the allegiance of millions of followers and we expect them to use the pulpit and the minbar to advocate for good governance and selflessness so that they can influence their members positively.”

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