LeBron James Dines With Leo DiCaprio, Al Pacino In Los Angeles


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is wasting no time getting acquainted with Hollywood royalty.

The former Cleveland superstar had dinner with legendary actors Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio Wednesday evening at Avra Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that James’ longtime business associate, Maverick Carter, was also at the dinner.

Pacino and DiCaprio are teaming up for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is currently shooting. They’re part of a huge ensemble cast, as Pacino plays Marvin Shwarz, the agent of DiCaprio’s character of Rick Dalton, per Variety‘s Justin Kroll.

This was probably more than a casual night out. It’s well known James is interested in expanding his profile in the entertainment industry once his NBA career is over, and it was a major driving force in his decision to join the Lakers.

Already in negotiations to star in a major picture, James may not be collaborating with Pacino and DiCaprio directly, but there aren’t many men who could give him better advice on making a name for himself on the silver screen.

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